15 Wing Fellowship

15 Wing Fellowship Inc.

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Organized in 2010 through the efforts of Honorary Colonel (retired) Douglas Marr as an effort to strengthen relationships between the military community at 15 Wing and the civilian community of Moose Jaw and area.

It began as an extension of the Wing Commander’s office and continued in that vein until becoming a non-profit organization in 2017. Close ties are maintained with the Wing Commander and staff.

Membership includes former military members and citizens of Moose Jaw who are committed to promoting the work of 15 Wing within the community.


Aaron Ruston, chairman
Roy LaBuick, vice-chairman
Phil Adkins, treasurer
Joyce Walter, secretary

Honorary Members:
Doug Marr
Robb Nesbitt
Al Schwinghamer
Pete Symenuk


Dennis Burnie
Russ Ferguson
Carrie Froehlich
Cliff Froehlich
Ken Hawkes

Gord Johnson
Lyle Johnson
Cal Jorstad
Bert LaFond

Yvette Moore
Bert Olson
Char Spanjer
Rick Spanjer
Ron Walter

Our Vision

15 Wing Fellowship Inc. is committed to improving the lives of serving and retired military members, their families and military organizations in Saskatchewan, as well as offering assistance to relative community projects.

Our Mission
15 Wing Fellowship Inc. is dedicated to enhancing ties between 15 Wing and the citizens of Moose Jaw and area through fundraising projects, community events and other support/endeavours that showcase the Wing and its benefits to the community.

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